Twin Shower

My amazing friend Kristy threw me a shower for the babes. She truly is more than amazing, not only as a party planner, but as a friend. She is always willing to help and be there for me, even though her life is way busier and crazier than mine will ever be. She has 2 online businesses, and 3 young adorable boys.  You can take take a look at all of her fabulous creativity and ideas here Vineyard Vinyl and here SnickerplumYou must check them out!

Kristy, isn't she gorgeous!  
My cute sisters. Love them! Missed you Linds!

My moms, aren't they beautiful? Denille made the best orange rolls any of us had ever had! PS i love my sisters hiding themselves in the background. 

My cute friends Brittany and Amber, they both brought food and were so helpful! love you girls!

my best little helper

cute nieces

sis-in-laws, love them! Jen (the one in the middle) had twins, boy and girl, and they are alive and well and so is she. She is such a good support. Deni, (pink pants) just had a baby in february and we can't wait for our little guys to be best friends!
Get ready for some serious cuteness, i am telling you  this shower was jaw dropping. Thanks again Kristy and to everyone who helped. 
Party favor, caramel apple (kristy made all of them) for everyone. 

Please notice the adorable mason jars and lids with straws, you can buy those lids from Kristy for a great price, they would be great for a summer BBQ. 


The Speres said...

Okay. That is the cutest shower set up I've ever seen! Is Kristy an event planner? 'Cause if not, she really should be.
And you are looking mighty fine, Lacey! You are going to be such a fabulous mom of twins! I can't wait to see those cute babies!

(And to answer your question: Yes, Bryce and I made the cookie monster cake, but don't be too impressed, it was from a kit from the 1980s that had a molded pan and instructions on how to decorate it, so....yeah.)

Lindsey said...

Wow, everything looks so great and perfect! Including you Lace, you look fantastic! I'm so sad I missed it. I especially love the picture with the sisters hiding in the background :)

heidikins said...

A) I love that you know Kristy, she's awesome.

B) That shower looks fantastic! What a great party!

C) You are gorgeous!


Melanie said...

I can't believe how small you look for carrying twins. Seriously! What a great friend.

pinksuedeshoe said...

Wow. That is seriously so so awesome. I went to school with Kristy, and she was in my ward when she was engaged and I was engaged to Scott. Funny. And that shower is seriously amazing. Good job Kristy! Also, you look really small for being you know, ready to burst. Can't wait to meet your new babes!

chelsea b james said...

uh excuse me. kristy needs to do those as a profession. you are one lucky girl. hang in there, i can't wait to see their little faces! your almost there soldier. the last is the hardest i tell you

Laura said...

I'm so happy to see pictures of your shower but it hurts my heart so much I missed it! She did a fabulous job putting everything together!