Park City Point 2 Point. Ok, so let me tell you something about Russ, and yes I am going to be beaming with pride in this post so just watch out. He completed one of the toughest endurance challenges i have ever heard of. He rode 78 miles on a mountain bike on a single track trail. I don't mountain bike and I would be scared to even try, but this race was ridiculously hard and i can't express how proud i am of my man. He did it and had a huge smile on his face when he was done.

It was a pretty emotional watching Russ come in after 12 grueling hours on his bike,  wearing his Team Firestorm jersey. Both Russ and i got one of these jersey's from our friend Allison Jacobsen, who's husband passed away last year from Melanoma. I really look at Ben and his family as the hero's who i owe so much to for helping me find my melanoma early and hopefully giving me many years with my family. Russ said he thought about Ben while he was riding and got pretty emotional a couple of times. I myself thought about Ben and asked him to help Russ get through this race. I really can't explain the emotions i felt when i saw Russ riding in. I know he had a lot of help from our awesome friends the Larkins who were at every "pit" stop to give him food and water and whatever else he needed. I hope my prayers helped him as well, but in the end, he did it, and i am so happy for him. I look at him different now, he is truly amazing and i feel so in love and proud of him, and so lucky to call him mine. Our 6 year anniversary was yesterday too, so it was so fun to celebrate our life thus far together and his amazing accomplishment.

Right before the finish

Yay, he is done!

funny face but i love him so much. :)


Allison said...

My hub and I went on a 16 mile ride yesterday...so given that perspective, all I can say is WOW.

Lindsey said...

Very impressive, makes me want to be in better shape!