Disney #2

More Disneyland Pics, these are from Russ' phone.

first tim eon Peter pan, we loved it!

greatest day of his life

my boys!

probably my favorite picture from the entire trip. 

they are really best friends, i love them so much!

this kid acted his age for sure in the lines, he was wild! a lady told us she remembered us from a different ride because we kept saying "miller" "miller" "come here miller" "don't climb on that miller" "stop bugging the people miller" it's ok though, he is 3, what do you expect?

family photo with mickey

the teacup ride was broken but they did have this teacup sitting here for pictures. cute kid.

peter pan again!

Halle wouldn't eat until she got to talk to princess aurora.

miller said, "i wanted chip to hold me" ???

one of miller's favs, the autopia ride

miller was all a flutter when minnie was kissing him. 

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