The Joys of Pregnancy

So I just want to say that my pregnancy has been wonderful, I really don't have anything to complain about. There are of course things about being pregnant that are just funny and not fun. Comments people make, the changes in your body and mood. I would like to share with you some of the comments I have received since being pregnant.

lady in grocery store: "When is your baby due?"
me: "End of September."
lady in grocery store: "oh I saw a lady earlier today who looked just like you and she said her baby was due tomorrow."

friends boyfriend: "so how far along are you?"
me: "about 7 months"
friends boyfriend: "wow aren't you really big already?"

niece Landry (4years old): "what are you going to name your baby?"
me: "I don't know yet, what do you think I should name her?"
Landry: "Sprinkle"

rite aide checker: "are you having a boy?"
me: "no it's a girl"
rite aide checker: "oh usually your butt gets bigger when you are having a boy, do you feel like you but has gotten bigger?"

co-worker (Hispanic doesn't speak English very well): "your arms look different"
me: "what do you mean?"
co-worker: "they just look more like pregnant woman arms"
me: "oh, you mean fat?"
co-worker: "no I mean they used to be smaller, leaner."
me: "so you mean my arms look fat"

co-worker (Bosnian): "This (indicates my belly) is okay. This (indicates the width of my butt) not okay."
me: :(

I think most other cultures are ok with pointing out that you are fatter. It really is hard being pregnant and just getting bigger and bigger and not really being able to do anything about it. All I would have to suggest to you ladies that will be getting pregnant in the future. Be in the best shape of your life before you get pregnant and keep up your workout as long as you can. I made the mistake of saying I would get in shape after I had the baby. So I wasn't in shape at all and it has just been so easy for my body to put on the pounds. I still have the goal to get in shape after the baby is born, but I know it is going to be really hard.


Em said...

Ah good luck, that was my plan too (over a year ago) and I still have abs of pudding.
Just wait, you're about to get the constant parade of "you haven't had that baby yet?" comments. To which you can only reply "duh"

adrienne pittson said...

oh lace! i'm sure you are b-e-a-utiful. i can't wait for the little one to come out! you're going to be such a great mommy.

Allison said...

I love this!!! It is so amazing that just because you are pregnant people think it is OK to comment on your body size. I think you are beautiful Lace!!

Gregg and Lacey said...

People just need to shut their mouths. Thanks for sharing though! I think you seriously look so good.

the alfandre family said...

i'm crying i'm laughing so hard! and because i relate so well. people can say the funniest things and i guess we just have to tell ourselves it makes for a good story!

McCall B. said...

You looked fantastic the other day at the shower- you have the baby "glow"

SJ said...

that is really funny, you are funny, can't wait until i get the obvious comments about pregnancy. i already get them about being tall, "whoa, you're really tall.", "really?" could be the same as "you're really pregnant.", "thanks, didn't notice."

LittleFam said...

Ahh, the joys of pregnancy! I had the checker girl at the grocery store reach over and try to lift up my shirt to see my belly. People need to have some boundaries set for them!

Adam & Molly said...

Loved this post. I know... all I want to do is to go for a run. After the long nap that I am craving of course.

Aren't people unreal? I went to a party the other night and it had been a while since we had seen a bunch of the people. Here's me, feeling a little overwhelmed and self concious, having not seen many of these poeple since I was 30 lbs lighter. We walk in and this idiot/tactless guys says (knowing I am pregnant) "Wow, have you gained weight?" What a jerk. That is exactly how I wanted to be greeted.

Why do people think commenting on your weight is ok when you are pregnant. It is only ok for you to comment on yourself. My father in law.... he neds a lesson on this. He told me there was a weight limit on a golf cart. Comments like that just makes your day, don't they.

Burnhams said...

Lace, from your pictures, you look like the cutest little pregnant lady ever! I had someone lift up my shirt yesterday to see if I had a belly. Being in Maryland, I think they were more surprised seeing garments. ha. Anyways, I should start working out too. I have only gone jogging one time during the pregnancy and I am 19 weeks along... pathetic. Love ya!

The Walkers said...

Oh Lacey, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman!!! I'm beginning to realize there are many people in this world who simply don't have any tact!!!

Eric & Megan said...

Ah, that is so good. I love it! Just think what people would say if you had TWO in there!