Happy Birthday Laura and Megan

Laura and Megan are two amazing girls, and two incredible friends. I am the luckiest person I know because I can say they are my friends. I have so many wonderful memories with these girls.
Laura - September 1st
Junior High, checking out Rob and just boys in general, making bead necklaces with your fam, laying out on the tramp, Highschool going running, talking about everything, going to the cabin, running through the sprinklers at sugarhouse, and every other crazy thing we did together.
I love you Laura and am so grateful for our friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Megan- Sepetember 8th
I remember meeting you in Junior High, but not getting to know you until Highschool Basketball, which we totally rocked, the good times in the pooh van, stalking boys in the suburban, shakes at shivers, late night talks, bowling.
College: carrying "pretty" up to yoru dorm room on the third floor, driving to sacramento, working at Jerry's, football games, being best roomies ever.
I have so many fun memories, and I can't thank you enough for your friendship. I love you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Em said...

Indeed, I look at those photos and think "those are some of the nicest people I've ever known"
God blessed me that way.
And I TOTALLY remember the ordeal with "pretty"
I needed that little laugh

Eric & Megan said...

Ah shucks! You are so sweet Lace. Thanks so much for the happy birthday blog tribute! You are the best. Lets go shopping for that BABY!!

The Walkers said...

LACEY!!! Thanks for the tribute. We've had some great memories! Remember the time we went running with the RUGBY team? So classic. I will and never forget that. I miss you hope you are doing well!

Jess said...

Happy Birthday girls!!! I am the worst with Birthdays so I am so glad that Lacey is on top of it so I can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY too !!!

adrienne pittson said...

lace- your blog is very tender and i'm being serious. i hope to be a great blogger like you one day