Baby update

So, it's 12:53 a.m., and Lacey is dilated to a 9 plus. She's almost there, but her body (she) is being stubborn or something. The doc originally thought it would be 10:30, but she has been moving along slowly...bring on more caffeine.
Hi girls. This is Russ. I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Lacey.

Lacey woke up yesterday morning and started having contractions, but they eased up throughout the afternoon. They got intense again last night and were very frequent, so we went to the hospital at about midnight and got her a nice little shot of morphine to dull the pain.

We came back to the doctor this morning, and she was dilated to a 3, so we went to Costco for a walk and came back tonight and they admitted her (at a 4 plus).

They since broke her water, and she just had an epidural.

The best part so far?
I think the best part of this whole experience (thus far) was last night when I dropped her off at the main door before I went to park. I sped off pretty quick because I wanted to hurry and when I got back to the main door Lacey was bawling. Because I sped off so quickly, she thought I left her her at the hospital to fend for herself. (Must be the hormones).

UPDATE: 6:51
She's now dilated to a 5.


Eric & Megan said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! So are you in labor right this very moment!!! That is so exciting!!! Thanks for the update Russ. Keep us posted! I'm freaking out! Can't wait to see her! Good luck Lace! You are so tough!

LittleFam said...

Lacey and Russ! Congrats! Baby girls are the best! Can't wait to see pictures! Good luck with everything and I'll keep checking for the updates!

Lacey said...

This is Russ -

Lacey looks nice and relaxed compared to the last 36 hours (love those epiduals).

I must say that as a man, my heart was wrenched watching my wife walk around and have to stop in pain every few minutes. We both breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse said "you're staying."

Stay tuned. I'll keep you updated.

The Walkers said...

AHHHH!!! So exciting! I can't believe she is having her baby now! Lacey is one of the toughest people I know, I know she can totally handle this! Russ, thanks for the updates! Keep us posted. Good luck Lacey!! I can't wait to hear about everything!

Ry-man & Nan said...

Yeah Lacey. I am so excited. Thanks for keeping us posted Russ.