A little hint

Hi girls, this is Russ.

I asked Lacey if I could make a quick blog post when I noticed she had a link on her blog that said "Mod Mum Baby Slings." You know, Allison's baby sling business?

I work in marketing, and the Internet is one place I focus, so I thought I would show you all how you can help Allison's business online by using your blogs. If you link to her site from your blog, you should also use the word "Baby Sling" at the end of ModMum when you make a link. Like this ModMum Baby Slings. It's one tiny trick of hundreds, but this will help increase the chances of her site ranking better in the search engines when expecting moms start researching baby slings.

Link away.


katherine lance & grace said...

lacey, thanks for the shout out on your link list! you are great! hope you are well. it was fun to see you are kate's wedding. talk to you soon!

Eric & Megan said...

Russ = genius. Who is that hot girl and darling baby in that picture? hee hee.

lauren ann said...

Russ, that is so thoughtful of you to be looking out for our girl. Ill do it right now.

Allison said...

Thanks Russ!! We appreciate it more than you know.

Jordan said...

Yeah...I found you. She is the most adorable baby ever. I love all the pics. She is gorgeous. Now I can blog stalk you all the time. I am so excited.