Lover her!

I just wanted to say how awesome Halle is for being the perfect baby for me. She is such a good sleeper and sleeps in until 10:00 A.M. Which means I can sleep for as long as I want. I put her to bed at 8-8:30 and she sleeps for 14 hours.
I get to bed pretty late because Russ is a night owl and I am such a light sleeper that it is hard for me to go to bed before he does, i usually will just lay there. Oh and for some reason Russ is also a morning person, I don't know how he does it? I need my 8 hours of sleep or else I just don't function. Honestly it blows my mind, how can Russ be up so late and then be singing in the shower the next morning?
Anyway, I am just glad that Halle will sleep for so long. It does mean a shorter nap in the day but oh well. She is just so fun to be with (when she is not tired) that it is ok!

Oh and I have to tell the cutest thing she did the other day. I was making dinner and she was right under my feet, so as I was getting something out of the fridge I gave her the loaf of bread, there were only a couple pieces in the bag. Anyway she did her thing while i cooked and when i turned to see what she was doing, she had gotten the pieces of bread out and put them in a pot that was in a cupboard and put the lid on. It was just so cute how she was making her dinner.



{littlefam} said...

oh lacey, she is just so cute and growing up! we have to get our girls together soon!

Melanie Williams said...

First off,let me say that Halle is so stinkin cute that I pulled up your blog for my mom to see last week just to show off her cuteness.

I am so jealous of her sleeping? Is she naturally that way or did you have to do crying out? Please tell me! Scarlett sleeps from 7-7 but gets up about 5 times in the night. AND she only take 2-3 30 minutes naps a day. Please tell me your secrets!

Laura said...

It was so fun to see you on Saturday. You are so funny! We need to do it more often.

Halle is very cute. She looks so much like you! What I would give to be able to sleep that much everyday!

Annie said...

How cute that she was making her very own dinner. I love love love love love her.



.sarah morgan. said...

14 HOURS!!!! Luckiest mom ever. She is so awesome.

Lilianne and Jason Wright said...

Um...how do you get your baby to sleep 14 straight hours? I need tips. Spill 'em! :-) I have the plight of melanie williams for sure...but Lois only wakes up maybe twice a night, so I guess i should be counting my blessing, right?

She's so big! I can't believe she's walking. Where does the time go? I love the stories. Keep those coming!

Mer said...

Lacey, she is so cute! And I won't lie, I'm sick with jealousy that she sleeps 14 hours. Jack is 4 months old and he still wakes up 2,3,4, even 5 times a night. And I can't exactly let him cry himself back to sleep since his bedroom is my CLOSET. So, you tell Halle to give him a call and teach him a thing or two about sleeping.

Jenny and Jeremy said...

Oh my goodness she is so stinkin' cute!!! And by the way... it's getting so much better!!! YAY!!!

lauren ann said...

Lucky... I just love those legs. And the family pics are adorable