Holiday Sweater Party . . . HILARIOUS!!!

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! It was so good to see all of you guys and missed everyone that couldn't make it.

I think I belong in the 80's! My hair is just normal but it totally works. Russ has the Cousin Eddie getup from "Christmas Vacation" so good!
I think Mary looks like a Mom in her sweet vest, and I love Ryan's entire look, classic! And if you click on the image and look closely, there is a picture of me from 8th grade inside the snow globe! I'm pretty hot!
The awesome host's, and their scandalous "mater'de" man thong! so funny!
Chelsea, Adam and Jessica. They all brought the best gifts for sure!
Jessica and her soft porn shoot. Love her face.
Cute Mike and Laura. I think Laura had the BEST ugly Christmas sweater for sure! Mikes Jacket was pretty sweet as well!
But, Lauren and Mike took the cake i honestly couldn't look at Lauren without busting up laughing! The mom jeans, bangs, lipstick, vest . . . it was all too much! And all I can say about Mike is that I was glad Halle wasn't there!Thanks Lindsey and Jon for hosting and thanks everyone else for all of the great laughs!


Jordan said...

Me and my friends have an ugly sweater party every year. It is so much fun... I love Russ get-up. He looks awesome.

katherine said...

ok, i love it. great sweaters to everyone. and jessica looks awesome, i barely recognized her! how fun!!

{littlefam} said...

you guys are awesome - i'm so glad that russ did cousin eddie! p.s. you left your coconut doll here - i am tempted to keep her, but she might mysteriously appear at your house sometime...

Laura said...

Ah man that was so freakin funny. It was so great to see you and Russ. Let's hang out again soon please.

PS I think Lauren and Mike were totally hilarious and their get up was perfect but I have to be honest....I did have the ugliest sweater.

Bryce and Heidi said...

Lace, I LOVE these pics! Everyone looks so great in their ugly sweaters---apparently that is a popular party theme, cause my sister has attended two already and my cousins invited us to one on New Years!
We need to get together, I know. It may have to be after the holidays? We're heading up to Snowbird with the Reichman clan, like always, so maybe after New Year's Day? I got your # from your mom.