Parka's and Party's

This Saturday Russ woke up and got to work cleaning out the garage in preparation for the forthcoming snow storm. Halle woke up and wanted to be involved in all the snowy glory. So I got her all bundled up and we headed outside. She loved being outside with her Daddy and in her cute snow gear. I love her little face in these pictures.

That night we had a party with some friends. It was a blast, awesome food and games and hilarious white elephant gifts.
Life size Beyounce'

The coveted "pimp stein"

My awesome gift, yes I think my gift was awesome, I even ended up with them, adult size footed pajamas! So amazing! The best part was when Matt put them on and stuck his hands in the pockets and pulled out a snotty Kleenex, tears of laughter were flowing around the room!

And last of all Russ' gift, lemon jello and a baby ruth never looked so gross!


Anie said...

Halle is SO stinkin cute!! She looks adorable all bundled up like a snow bunny!!! I'm jealous that you guys have snow to play in. We just have the miserable COLD!!!!!

Laura said...

Ok the yellow jello and candy bar is so nasty. Holy crap...seriously.

Can't wait to see you this weekend!

lauren ann said...

What a genious idea... the log looks SO real. I love it

Lindsey said...

Can you email me with your address? I'm trying to send out Christmas Cards. My email is: lindseyabell@gmail.com. Thanks!

Mama Snow said...

That was so fun. You guys are seriously the coolest people... Besides us of course. Anyway we got to get together sometime, if only you lived closer! Oh wait, you live across the street! Awesome!

Miss Erika said...

OK, so I totally remember Granny making up the bedpan with the jello and the Babe Ruth. She would be so proud :o)