Russ's mom made Halle and all of Halle's cousins these adorable aprons. They are so cute and I had to get a picture of Halle in it. The problem is, she is one, and holding still just isn't in her vocabulary. . . (see below)

Yikes! She is giving me the look of death!And, crawling behind her crib and chair, her favorite little cubby hole.
It was hard to carry that baby doll back through that small space.
She just wanted to be in charge of the camera, so I got my old one out to see if she would hold still and "say cheese" . . .
This was the best I could get. Isn't it darling. My mother-in-law is amazing! She even did it without measuring Hal's, and it fits perfect!


Nan and Ryan said...

That is one dang cute apron...and one dang cute Halle.

Erin said...

Hey I notice you have darling pics of your baby girl on your site, and links to a few different photographers. I'm needing some cute pictures done of my babies. Any good ideas?

Laura said...

Cute apron!

How is your job woman?

callie & steve said...

love those piggies...madeline rocks the same pjs!