"vSpring Capital announced today the 2009 class of the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs, also known as the v100."

And yes I am going to brag, my husband is on it. You probably haven't heard of this V100, I hadn't either, but I was still proud of my Hubby for being someone that other people recognize and someone who contributes to society. Here are a few of the main points of what it means to be a V100.

"The v100 was created in 2004 by vSpring Capital as a tool to identify and recognize entrepreneurs who are most likely to experience successful venture returns with ties to the state of Utah."

"vSpring asks members of the Utah business community to nominate individuals who are most likely to lead a successful startup venture in the next five to seven years in the IT (information technology) or biotech industries."

"Those nominees who garner the most votes from their peers in this second step of the annual voting process are then elected into the v100 and become members of this ongoing community of entrepreneurial leaders. "

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heidikins said...

I have actually heard of vSpring! Congrats Russ!! That is fantastic!!


Melanie Williams said...

Go Russ! I always knew he'd be successful.

Sarah M said...

congrats to your man, that is awesome.

Annie said...


Allison said...

congrats russ! That is awesome!!

Laura said...

Way to go Russ. What an accomplishment!