18 Months

Halle turned 18 months on March 25, but we just went to the doctor for her well visit yesterday.
She . . .
weighs 23 lbs. 14 oz. (40th percentile)
is 32 1/2 inches tall (70th percentile)
has a 48 cm. head circumference (85th percentile)

I can't believe how big this little gal is! She talks so much, she not only talks a lot but she can enunciate really well. I am amazed how much they learn in so little time.

One of the cutest things she does is say's "byeee" to everything. If we are leaving her room, she'll say "byee pillow."If we are leaving the bathroom, she'll say "byee potty." It's a lot cuter when you hear her say it.

Here are some pictures of my cutey pie!

When it was warm we went outside for a walk. You can see her battle wounds on her nose from the attack of the sidewalk.
"ice-ceem" Halle loves ice cream, as you can see.

She is so funny how she eats the cone from the bottom.

Just look at those eyes!
Pig Tails! Halle doesn't like getting pig tails in her hair, but they are so cute and make her look so old, as does the cell phone in she is talking in to.


Annie said...

I am so glad that you brought Halle into this world. She makes me so dang happy!!!


Aunt Annie

Melanie Williams said...

she is such a doll!!! You make the cutest kids ever.

Allison said...

She has amazing eyes and she IS talking really well for being only 18 months old.

Oh how I wish Sadie had enough hair for pig tails.

Daddy said...

My new favorite word she says is "Niiight"

The way she says "Night" and "Bye" reminds me of Miracle Max and his wife when they say "bye" in the Princess Bride.

Paul*Cat*Hallie said...

Lace..she is SO cute! My Hallie is a beast at 12 mon. she was 22lbs 6oz and 31 1/2 in. long! Ah the are SO much fun, I would love to see you and Halle...we should get with Lis and plan a playdate this Summer!!!