24th of July Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. Russ took Thursday off, so he, Lisa, her son Kai, my Dad and I all went boating up at Jordanelle. It was fun but since I am pregnant I didn't get to go skiing, and I could only go tubing for a little bit, because even when my dad was trying to be gentle it was pretty bumpy. Then we went up and stayed at the cabin.

Russ working his mad slalom skills! I am seriously so proud of him, he rocks for only having gone skiing about 7 times in his life!

Me and Kai rocking it in the tube!

Friday evening we went down to American Fork for my niece's birthday party / Page family 24th of July party. Halle had so much fun. She got to play in the water with the kids, eat cake and ice-cream, and help hit the pinata.
I love Halle's face in this picture. It pretty much sums up her mood for the day! YIPEEE!!!

On Saturday we just hung out at the cabin and then went to the demolition derby (sorry no pictures) in Kamas that evening. It was a lot of fun and just a great weekend with my husband, beautiful baby girl Hals, and our families.


katie and kaden said...

ha ha...you are prego? did i know that? congrats!!!

Allison said...

What about the demo derby??

Lindsey said...

Yay she updates her blog!

Corrina Baker said...

wow Russ and Lacey! When did this baby happen? I mean, umm...big girl! Toddler of the sorts. congrats!

Laura said...

Oh I wish you had pictures of the demo derby! Those are always a good time.

Once we have our babies we need to go boating next summer!

Bryce and Heidi said...

You're pregnant! Amazing! Congratulations, lady! So, as said, we stayed at the Paris in Vegas and ate at the restaurant there called Mon Ami Gabi and had wonderful French Onion Soup, a juicy sirloin steak, and yummy halibut. yummo! ANd then we ate at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants in Caesar's Palace. It was an Asian restaurant, but I don't remember the name. They served a TON of food and it was all amazing!