HP Nerdfest!

Yes I am a Harry Potter nerd, yes I went to the midnight showing, and yes I was dressed up as Dolores Umbridge. Oh man, it is so great to be out with the crazy fans late at night. Lindsey, Megan and I had a blast. We got there a little early and were really worried we were going to be the only ones dressed up, but the freaks, (like us) all started to show up and we took lots of pics and had tons of fun.
The movie was really good, a little different from the book and missing some things that would have been really cool, but oh well, I guess they can't fit everything in. Anyway enjoy my nerdery!
Sitting in our seats, getting excited for the movie to start!

That guy next to me was Hagrid, he was my favorite, mostly because he wasn't trying that hard, but he looked exactly like him!
Waiting outside the theater. Megan was Ginny, Lindsey was Rita Skeeter, and me Dolores Umbridge.
This lady had an actual owl, so we took our pic with it! I love how she is hiding behind me. :)


Lindsey said...

Oh such good times. you needed to look older and meaner though, and fatter. but thats a good thing.

heidikins said...

I totally HP'd it up last night, and am paying for it today. Yawn!


Lani said...

Love it! oh man I wish I were there, you guys look awesome! Lacey you don't really look like Umbridge but that is a good thing but I love the pink suit and the bow. Good stuff!I can't wait to see it!

Allison said...

Oh Lacey, I love love love you!

Laura said...

I'm so incredibly jealous it's not even funny! You guys looked awesome. Mike and I are seeing the movie Friday night and I can't wait.

I seriously think I know the kid who was Hagrid. I'm pretty sure he is one of the teachers at my school sons. Make sense?

I'll see it with you again when you want to!

Sarah M said...

you're the coolest person ever. never read the books but you may just inspire me.
i still can't believe your pregnant.