Being Pregnant and Potty Training Halle

* Warning, a bunch of rambling and complaining . . . read at your own will.

I am 30 1/2 weeks pregnant, crazy, and have been feeling pretty good. I just wanted to list a few of the fun things that come with being pregnant for the second time, with a toddler and a part time job.

~ Seriously, sore, loose, painful joints. By far the worst thing I am going through. I don't know what is wrong with my body but I feel like an 80 year old woman that can barely stand up after sitting or lying down for even a short while. It is sad, and very painful.

~ Heart burn my good friend. We have been close buddies these past weeks, milk has been my companion to ease the burning this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Halle, soda/carbonation did the trick.

~ Pokey baby. I think this little guy has really pointy elbows or something, because when he kicks and pushes and pokes it kind of hurts.

~ Breathing space. I don't know what it is but I feel like my lungs have absolutely no room. I mean I am carrying this little guy really high, but I carried Halle really high and don't remember feeling like I couldn't get enough oxygen in my lungs ever.

~ Numb belly. Does anyone else get this, the top of my belly, right under my sternum gets totally tingly numb feeling all the time, especially when i am sitting for a while.

~ Exhausted. It is tough enough taking care of a seriously active 2 year old not being pregnant, but being pregnant has really tested my endurance. Especially with the sore joints, it is so hard to keep up! I just feel so exhausted all the time. I have to keep reminding myself that I won't be pregnant when the new baby comes. I will be exhausted no doubt, but not pregnant. Good thing i live with my Mom who has been absolutely wonderful in so many ways!

~ Swelling. Now I do have to admit I was much more swollen when i was pregnant with Halle, but it was the hottest summer ever and i wasn't running around with a 2 year old all day. I have only gotten swollen in my ankles a few times, but boy does it being back scary memories of how swollen I got with Halle.

Not to mention I work about 15 hours a week from home, so I don't have any Lacey time. I get to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and that is about it, so I usually stay up late with Russ just to get to spend some time with him. Oh well, all in all this pregnancy hasn't been too bad, I really don't have much to complain about, even though that is what I totally just did. :)

Potty Training

Today was the first day Halle took off the diaper! She did perfect. She went #2 in the potty twice and #1 in the potty about 4 times. All of this was after her nap around 4:30 until her bedtime around 8:30. We will try it again tomorrow and see how it goes. It is funny because she doesn't like anyone to be in the bathroom with her while she is going. She kind of gets stage fright, so cute! I am so proud of her and don't doubt she will be out of diapers completely very soon. It is so amazing how smart she is! Love her.


Allison said...

Oh Lace. Pregnancy is so harsh. I completely agree that having the baby out is easier than being pregnant. Way to go Halle!! That is awesome.

Sarah M said...

i loved this post. i can't wait to meet your little guy. i can't believe you'll have two!
ps. i wish i lived with my mom while preggo, that much be AWESOME.

Laura said...

Oh Lacey I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough go of things with this pregnancy.

I've had horrible heartburn as well, and I've been taking Pepcid AC twice a day, it has seemed to help! You might want to try it.

I guess going for a walk is out of the question with your crazy joints! Bummer.

Don't worry our sweet little babies will be here before you know it!

I'm glad potty training is going well for Halle!! Phew, one less thing to worry about!

McCall B. said...

Good timing on potty training Halle so you only need to have one in diapers. Good luck with it all. I'll stop by our mom's on Sunday when we come up so I can see you guys :)