Picture Tag

This is for you Lar.
The mission:
Open your first photo folder.
Choose the tenth picture.
Tell the story of the picture.

This was actually at Laura and Mike's "rehearsal" dinner the night before their wedding. It was a wonderful dinner at the Hidden Valley Golf Club. Russ and I were dating but planning on getting married later in the fall. I think Russ looks really young in this picture. I, on the other hand, look smokin' hot. and i am being serious, i look good compared to now. It is amazing what having 1 kid and being pregnant again will do for your confidence, not feeling so hot lately. :(

I tag
Lindsey (my sis or little)


Melanie Williams said...

You do look hot there Lacey. I think you look great too now though.

Yeah, what is it about marriage and babies that leaves us feeling so frumpy? I know I was about a million times cuter pre-marriage/pregnancy but at least we have this cute family now instead,right?

Laura said...

YAY! Thanks for doing the tag! What a cute picture of you guys. You do look hot. That night was so fun and I'm so glad you were able to be there. Isn't it crazy that was more than 4 years ago? Time flies.

When are we going to hang out? You live like 5 min away. Are you up for a walk these days?

Bryce and Heidi said...

I am going to assume that you mean me with the Heidi you tagged here, because that will give me something to post about.
This is a fabulous picture. But preggo or not, I think you look hot all the time! I've always been jealous of your curly hair and beautiful never-need-makeup-ever face.
Five weeks til I'm back on Parleys Terrace for the holidays! Then it's play time!

Lindsey said...

mine is lame, its one of brody's mission pictures of just him and a companion.

Eric and Hayley said...

i loved that shirt! So I just noticed you tagged me and I so need to update my blog. I'm so far behind with everything I think I've just quit on it.