Merry Christmas!!!

Just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I still have a baby inside me! hopefully it won't be too much longer that I can say that, but I will let you know when he is ready to come out! It is kind of cool to be expecting during this time of year. If I don't let the pain and uncomfortableness get in the way of my thinking  I can think about Mary and what she might have been thinking knowing she was going to bring a baby into the world. Her baby was going to change the world, mine will most likely just change mine, but it is still cool to think about.


Laura said...

I've been thinking a lot about Mary too this year. I can't imagine going through what she went through.

Our babies are coming so soon! How are you feeling?

Molly said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! :) Hang in there these last few days.

Kevin and Lani Waite said...

You are so sweet and cute you are going to do great with a baby and a two year old! Love you sister!