The Wizard of Oz & Thanksgiving

Halle watched "The Wizard of Oz" with Russ a couple of weeks ago, and has been really into it ever since. I found her the other day watching it in my laundry basket. She somehow got into the laundry basket and was using it as her chair. Pretty cute, so I decided to share.

For Thanksgiving we went to Russ's familys get together. Halle loved playing with her second cousin Jaxon. They were so funny cuddling on the couch and kissing! it was cute, but makes me a little nervous about the future. I guess if she is anything like me i don't have to worry about her kissing boys for a while! ;)
Four Generations


Laura said...

The Wizard of Oz really? That show still scares me. Something about those creepy monkeys. She does look so cute in that laundry basket.

Kissing boys huh? You are in for it with that girl!

Kevin and Lani Waite said...

I love her face sitting with her second cousin she totally looks like you to me there! And what a cutie pie in the laundry basket.

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

She is just a doll!! and i remember using laundry baskets as seats.

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that turkey leg picture!! How cute is she??! She will be a tough act to follow with baby number 2!