do i or don't i?

so just recently i have had  a little spark of interest in piercing my ears. If any of you don't know, i have never had my ears pierced before. I play sports i have kids and i usually wear my hair down which renders any earrings undetectable.
I just love earrings, they are such an easy accessory and would make me feel that much more lady like.

But, for some reason i feel like getting them pierced would be letting go of some unique thing about me that i have never had my ears pierced. It's funny too because (he might kill me for saying this, but it is too good not to share) Russ actually pierced his ear when he was 16. I know I am laughing too. He said it lasted about a week and . . . lol sorry i am just laughing thinking about it. oh how much i love that man!

So it is a pride thing i guess.

What do you think? all of you ladies out there with your ears pierced, should i do it? or should i go my whole life without ever having earrings?
ps. Click on the pictures to go to the different shops where you can get those earrings!


amanda james said...

oh my gosh, I forgot you don't have your ears pierced! yes please, go for the kill.

lisalisa said...

Lacey. How can you even ASK?! ;) I was the little girl who BEGGED to have my ears pierced since I was like 4 years old. BEGGED. My parents said, "When you are 16." I waited, NOT patiently and when I got to high school, I created an entire presentation, complete with folders and a diagram of an ear for my parents. I sat them down and explained why I needed to get my ears pierced... How could they say no?! You know me. I'm sporty and blah blah blah and I don't love rings or necklaces but I LOVE earrings. You are correct. SO easy. I'm currently debating whether to pierce Blaikly's ears and I'm torn between the fact that it's so cute, but also that they are her ears and I don't want to make that decision for her... the SECOND she mentions it we are out the door to get it done!!! (sorry for the novel) ;)

Annie said...

I say do it. I've never regretted piercing my ears. And there's no easier accessory than earrings. Even when you are having a bleh day adding earrings makes you feel that much more put together. But on the other side, now I feel like I HAVE to wear earrings or I'm not dressed at all. If you're like another friend I have without pierced ears, everyone assumes you have pierced ears anyway. She gets earrings for presents all the time.

Burnhams said...

I say don't. Even though I have my ears pierced, and I do put earrings in every now and then, You have gone this long... so I would just not do it....like you said, it's like a little part of your identity :)

And don't worry Russ. Chad pierced his nipples in highschool. haha.

Erin said...

I love those earrings from Pretty Little Me. I have white ones and peach ones and blue ones, dangley and studs. I just bought purple ones for a friend for her b-day.
I really, really love earrings too. My mom, however, is on a kick about how gorgeous unpierced ears are and has been begging me to never pierce my girls ears. SO I would say I love earrings, but my mom would say NOOO!

Laura said...

Lacey, I had my ears pierced years ago and didn't wear earrings for the longest time. Now that Kat opened her etsy shop, I love all of her earrings so I started wearing them again and I love it. If I wear my hair in a pony tail I don't feel as frumpy because I have cute earrings in. I use to HATE earrings but now I love wearing them. I don't think it's a big deal either way.

LOVE that Russ pierced her ears and LOVED that you told the blogging community!

Russ said...

This is the first I've heard of it. Glad you have a blog

katherine said...

lace - don't worry sis, i have clip on's too . . . if you do end up piercing those ears of yours, let me know, i'll hook you up with a free dainty pair!

Lani said...

Um just do what you want, for me it is nice to have the option but I don't know what it is I think I am alergic to the cheap metal that I buy because I can't wear them for more than an hour or two but that may not happen to you so just do what you want and they are my favorite accessory so simple and I don't play with them. Love ya sis and I love the earings you posted I want those little roses.

pinksuedeshoe said...

I love having my ears pierced and I don't leave my house ever without earrings. But, I usually wear the same earrings for one or two years at a time. Not even exaggerating. But I love that I have the OPTION to branch out if I so desire. Those little roses are super cute!

amyswor said...

Was searching for my GF's blog with a similar name when I came across your blog. Started
reading and found your post asking whether or not to have your ears pierced now?

I had a similar experience with not having them done till I was 24. Looking back, I kept seeing other women with very pretty little gold studs, CZ's and now my favorite gold hoops.

Finally, I decided one day it was time to see how I'd look with pierced ears. I held up some studs to my ears and liked what I saw! The next day, I was off to Piercing Pagoda to have them pierced with some nice gold balls so everyone who saw me would know that I had finally pierced my ears.

Just a thought to consider. I had been seeing lots of babies and little girls with cute little earrings so I decided to pierce my dd's ears on the same day to celebrate my pierced ears. We both looked adorable with little gold balls in both our ears and everybody loved them!

Admittedly, it is a personal decision, but women with pearls in each ear are very feminine and ingenue to say the least. I'd say if your thinking about it, then your feminine intuition is telling now is the time and I'd go ahead. There are a couple of things to put on the lobe to minimize any discomfort which my nurse friends recommended.

If you're interested, write me an e-mail.


dave+candace said...

don't do it...there are very few of us left :)

Eric and Hayley said...

How did I never realize you didn't have your ears pierced. Maybe I knew and forgot. So did you end up piercing them? I haven't read further in your blog yet to see if you did. I guess I will get the answer soon enough. P.S. I don't have mine pierced. A little while back I thought about doing it...how fun it would be and how it would enhance my outfits and add spice to my lack of style. But nah...just another thing to spend money on and I would rather spend it on necklaces or bracelets. :)