Picture Post

I have a bunch of pictures that i want to put on here, so here ya go!
Russ and Halle in Daddy's Baseball Gear!
Halle learned to ride her tricycle. She loves it!Miller is just such a cutie pie! He has stared on solid foods and loves it! He is moving so much and we think he will be crawling soon. I am scared for the day when he can crawl he will be into everything! Halle wants to go "swimming" every day! It is great to be outside and enjoying the sun!We had a family reunion for Russ' side of the family this last weekend. It was so good to see all the cousins and aunts and uncles and everybody.


Laura said...

I love all these pictures of your beautiful babes! That Miller is a mover, I think you're right, he will be crawling before you know it!

So did you do it? Did you pierce those ears?

The Speres said...

Those kids are so cute! Those tiny plastic swimming pools are the greatest---way better than the questionable kiddie pool at the TC! Glad to see people still use those!

Eric and Hayley said...

What is Miller eating in that picture. It looks like molasses or something yuck :)