It is amazing how kids come with their personality. Today i got a full taste of the huge difference in my kids personalities, when i took them both for their well check's at the doctors.

When we park and are getting out of the car Halle is already crying and telling me she doesn't want to go. I have been prepping her for a couple days letting her know we are going and even got a Dora book from the library about going to the doctor. Obviously Miller has no idea what is coming and is happy as a clam.

We get inside and Miller smiles at the ladies behind the counter who check us in, Halle is clutching my leg.

When we get called back, the nurse asks Halle to hop on the scale. Yeah right, she bursts into screams and tears, flailing her body because she doesn't want to stand on the scale? So i end up holding her while on the scale then setting her down and getting on the scale again to figure out the difference.

When I put Miller on the little weighing table, he is sitting up so proud of himself smiling.

Next we go back to our room and they want to get Halle's height, again she starts screaming and crying because they want her to just stand next to the wall so they can mark where she is?

Next we lay Miller down on the table to measure his height and he just laid their, more still then i have ever seen him.

The doc decides to look at Miller first since Halle is being, well difficult. Miller lets the doc do his thing and is smiling at him. Then it's Halle's turn. Oh boy, she looses it again and i am holding her, trying to hold her down so he can look in her ears and mouth and everything. I feel like such a failure as a mom that i can't calm her down and let him do his thing. He was so nice and told me it was normal for 3 year old's to act like that and he doesn't take it personally.

Lastly we have to get Miller's blood work done and Halle needed 2 shots. Miller got a prick in his finger while I held him on my lap. i sat and waited for a cry, a whimper, anything, but nothing came, the nurse said he was smiling at her.

When we gave Halle her shots she SCREAMED but as soon as she got the band-aids she was fine. I was actually really proud of her reaction to the shots.

It was rough, but we got through it. They just have their own personalities, i knew that was going to be really hard for Halle. She is really shy and doesn't trust anyone, which can really come in handy when we are in public. And Miller is a super friendly pleasant boy who smiles all the time, seriously if he isn't smiling at me it is because he is pooing and has the poop face going.

I love them both the same and love being their mommy!


pinksuedeshoe said...

Wow. Rough day. You should eat a cookie :o)

Sarah M said...

that was my same experience at the doctor with CJ and Ruby. But we had Ruby go first and I was commending her and her bravery and then CJ bucked up because she wanted praise, too.
you're so not alone.

Allison said...

Taking multiple kids to the DR is never any fun. Isn't it fun to see their little personalities unfold?

The Speres said...

Fun fun personalities! When I was pretty young, my dad used to take me to the hospital with him while he did rounds and I got really used to being around nurses and doctors, but that did nothing when it came to getting shots. Still hate them today--although the kicking and screaming has greatly diminished! :) Congrats on handling two kids at the Dr at once!

Kevin and Lani Waite said...

Ha ha that is so great! It is amazing how children are who they are from day one! I love it they are both too cute and it was really fun hanging out with you guys for a bit this weekend! You are a great Mom and they are lucky to have you.

{littlefam} said...

LOVE that last picture of your cute family! i'll be calling you for advice/support when i start taking both kiddos to the dr.! so fun to hang out with you guys the other night - let's do it again soon! (p.s. halle left her dorothy doll here - i put it in your mailbox.)

Laura said...

Regardless of how different they are, they are both so cute Lacey! Isn't crazy how they came from the same parents but are totally different little people? So weird. Uh let's get together soon please. Charlotte misses Miller.