I love this time of year, and so much has been happening since September began.

First Russ and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It was heaven. We stayed up at the Hotel Park City and ate dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
 Russ and I got dressed up and ate, a lot, it was really delicious! We also went shopping at the Outlets and Russ gave me/us a new camera, hence all the pictures in this post. :)

On Saturday we went boating with the Larkins. I LOVE boating and had such a good time. I learned how to do the wake surfing thing correctly, i actually let go of the rope and went for a while. We didn't get any pictures because we left the camera in the car. Halle did it again, but wasn't to thrilled because the water was so cold.

On Sunday Russ's family hosted a dinner and a Minute to Win it Challenge
I didn't get any pictures, but it was so fun! The only thing i was good at was the Defying Gravity one, where you try to keep 2 balloons off the ground for a minute. No one did it for a minute and we only used 2 balloons, but i had the best time. It was so fun and i am so sad we didn't take any pictures.

Yesterday, Labor Day, we went to my parents cabin and rode 4 wheelers, our bikes, roasted marshmallows and enjoyed the incredible weather and beauty up there. 

Today Halle had her first day of dance lessons. She did pretty well, she was really shy, but i think she will get better as she gets used to it.
Watching her do the steps was bringing a tear to my eye remembering when i was little taking dance classes. So cute!


Melanie said...

Has it really been 5 years!? I still remember when you two were dating and I wanted you to get married so badly.. so glad it happened. You are a dynamic couple with the cutest kids ever! I especially love Halle in her ballet outfit.

Lindsey said...

That's too cute lace! I can't get over the Halle's resemblance, especially that one of her where she is doing the shoulder action!

Annie said...

Minute to Win It was a blast. Alex won the grand prize. I came in 2nd place....dangit!!

Halle looks so cute with her hair pulled up in a pony for her dance pictures. She is getting so big. Miller always has a cute smile on his face. I love that boy!!



Laura said...

I love September and I love you. And I love Halle in her dance clothes. And I love your cabin. And I love how hot you look in your spandex. :)

Sarah M said...

new camera? wahoo!!! i love all your pics. i am super jealous of all the fun you have been having lately. your little ones are so cute and you, you are gorgeous.

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! How cute is Halle in her leotard!! Love it!

Eric and Megan said...

Happy Annie! 5 years has flown by. Those pics of your cabin are nostalgic for me cuz we have so many fun memories up there. I need to go back with you sometime! And Halle is so freakin adorable in her dance clothes, I love it!

Lani said...

Oh my how fun! I love love love the pictures of Halle in her Ballet outfit how adorable! and she totally looks like you, I don't think I have seen her with her hair up what a little doll.