Happy Birthday Miller!

Wowsers did that year fly by or what! It is so crazy how fast these little babes grow up! My Miller is a dream baby! He sleeps, he eats and if he is not smiling it is because, well . . . he is never not smiling. If he gets hurt he only cries for a little and is done, he usually doesn't even cry. 

Anyway what i am trying to say is that i love the kid,  
a lot! 
And i couldn't be happier that he is in my life!

And I couldn't post a Happy Birthday to Miller without mentioning a Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Lani. Miller is sure lucky to share his birthday with the sweetest, funniest, best friend anyone could ever have. Lani you are the best and i mean you have always been my best. 
Love you!


Sarah M said...

Lacey, Miller is so perfect. I can't believe a year has passed. Time flies. So happy to hear that he is such a great baby. I'm jealous. (I kid, I just wish Ruby would sleep.) :)
Happy New Year!

Laura said...

Oh Lacey Miller is so darling! I just can't believe our babies are one! I couldn't agree more with you, this year really has gone by so fast.
We need to get our babies together ASAP.

Happy birthday to Lani too!

{littlefam} said...

happy birthday to such a handsome, little stud!

lauren ann said...

Everytime I look at pictures of your kids, I can't get over how adorable they are. You guys made some cute babies:) Happy Birthday Miller!!

Kevin and Lani Waite said...

Wow I can't believe he is a year old, crazy! He is too cute what a sweetheart, and thanks sister you are amazing you made me cry a little. Love you guys!

Sara said...

Awwww...what a cutie. Happy Birthday Miller!