Dance Recital

Ok, so i struggle. I couldn't get any of my pictures onto our computer since thanksgiving. I asked Russ if he could figure it out, it took him about 30 seconds. :(  so you will be seeing some posts from the past.

Halle had her first Dance Recital in the beginning of December. She was so nervous when we got into the auditorium and the nerves didn't go away until the last 30 seconds of her final dance. She was the one that just stood there and didn't dance, but i couldn't be more proud of her. She got up on that stage and just stood there, i think that takes more guts than doing what everyone else is doing. :) that is how russ and i look at it anyway. It was precious!

 I don't know if you can see the look of "what the heck is going on" in her face, but that is what she was thinking.

 That is her adorable friend Stella in the big red Tutu. She is such a sweety and is in Halle's ward and Joy School and Dance Class. She danced so well!

 That is Halle thinking "why are you touching me? i don't know you"

 She was mostly looking around watching the other girls dance. It really was so cute, and i need to get the video on here so you can see her. She also wouldn't wear a tutu, a skirt, pig tails, or anything. I got a pink bow in her hair and green bows on her tap shoes, and that was it. Which i am fine with. She just stood out like a thumb in her light pink tights and leotard and just standing as still as a statue.

 That is her cute teacher Miss Julie.
 Afterward we went to breakfast at Over the Counter. It was delicious. I love my kids!


Lindsey said...

That is so cute, I remember how petrifying those dance recitals were when you're little! and I LOVE the pictures of Halle and Miller at the restaurant :)

lauren ann said...

That is too funny- Halle is such cutie. I love that she just chilled- at least she wasn't crying or freaking out. I can't get over how fast your kiddos are growing up- I must be getting old!

Laura said...

Lacey I think Halle is the cutest one up there. I think those big tutus are so tacky, Halle looks darling and simple. I agree with Lauren, at least she was crying or totally freaking out!

Lani said...

Cute cute cute! I think she looks so much like you when you were little. You were one of the only ones danicning though in your recital. I love your kids too they are adorable!

McCall B. said...

Takes me back to the good ol' days of dancing with you gals! Shirly... oh boy, good times.