Millers Birthday Party

We celebrated Miller's birthday last Sunday. Russ' mom was in Hawaii the week before so we waited until she was home (still jealous). It is so funny how for Halle's birthday i had been planning for months and had decorations, a cake and invitations and party favors for all the cousins. This time around i started planning on Saturday and only bought a dozen balloons, which were all totally on the ground on Sunday, so we hung them from the ceiling fan (so pathetic, but the kids loved them anyway). As for Millers cake i couldn't decide what to do. Miller LOVES phones so i made a phone cake. He also can Moo like a cow and Bark like a dog, so i made cow and puppy cupcakes. It turned out to be lots of fun even with very little planning. I can't believe my little guy is 1. He is so darling and i still can't get enough of him, even though he is into EVERYTHING and has started climbing EVERYTHING!
All the cousins love helping Miller open his presents.
The phone cake!

The guests

My sis and her cutie baby Taye! He and Miller are only 4 months apart!

Silly Laina and Naya!

Miller eating his Cow Cupcake.

isn't he so cute!

Just like his dad, closing his eyes. I still love that he will smile for the camera. Halle still won't.

opening presents. Halle was a big helper!


pinksuedeshoe said...

Oh he is so cute! And I LOVE that phone cake. Adorable! Creamie's birthday is tomorrow, and I have done a grand total of nothing... pretty sure she is going to spend the day at the doctors office anyway. Bummer.

Em said...

This is why you always ask for hi-float in your helium balloons. Makes them last almost 2 weeks instead of almost 12 hours.

Laura said...

Lace the phone cake is awesome. I should have recruited your help when making Charlotte's cake. Just another talent to add to your long list of talents. I can't believe these babies who are not really babies anymore are ONE either! This year went by fast eh? And I totally agree with you, he is so cute.

Lani said...

What a sweetheart! Oh and they don't stop getting into things and climbing things it just gets worse. I love his cell phone cake how cute! I wish we could have been there but soon enough we will be able to hang out.

Katie and Kaden said...

He is so dang cute! Happy Birthday Miller

{littlefam} said...

lace - that cake is amazing! miller gets cuter by the day!