Fun in the Sun!

These pictures were taken back in January, when it got warmer. The kids were so happy to be outside.
I love that little hoody on him. His grandma Mimi gave it to him for his birthday! So cute!

Halle was loving life outside. She could go on the swings and go down the slide!

I think my kids are pretty cute, especially when they play nicely together

Saturday morning breakfast. Mmm, home made buttermilk syrup, fresh fruit and waffles, yum!
On a different note, Russ and i signed up for the Spudman triathlon. We won't find out if we are in until the end of this month, but we started training yesterday. we went for a swim and man did it kick our butts! I went running today and felt pretty good. I will get on our stationary bike tomorrow, and repeat that process once again this week. We are doing each type of workout twice a week.

It sounded pretty harsh to be working out 6 times a week, but it actually hasn't been to bad, since it isn't the same thing over and over. I am a little nervous about the olympic distance of the spudman and will probably do a sprint distance before, just so i can be more prepared.

Anyway, I am looking for any advice for what to wear. Swim suit, wet suit? bike and run stuff, and where i can get it for cheap? Thanks!


Laura said...

I'm totally craving warmer weather! I've been such a wimp this year with the cold and it really hasn't been that bad. I guess I'm just anxious to take Charlotte outside and play!
I agree, I think your kids are so cute. It's fun to see them play together.
LACEY!!!! I want to hear all about your training. I'm so excited you might do a triathlon! You'll do amazing! You're so hardcore working out 6 days a week! Way to go girl.

chelsea b james said...

you guys are doing the spudman together? you are my hero woman.

Lindsey said...

oh these pictures make me want spring so bad!! and you make me want to start swimming again... except the chlorine is so bad for blondes...at least that's the excuse I give myself