So I figure since i haven't posted in a while i figure I would put a couple pictures on here to let you know i am still alive. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday, celebrating the women in your life who have loved and nurtured you! My day was wonderful. It started out with Russ getting up with Miller at 6:30 am and letting me sleep in as long as i wanted. It was great! 

The night before Russ and i went on a date, thanks to my Mom and Dad! We went shopping and i actually found 3 things i wanted to buy and got them all in only 45 minutes, it was a good shopping trip. Then we went and saw "Thor" I know, i thought it looked dumb to, but it was actually pretty good, and the guy who plays Thor is easy on the eyes if you know what i mean. Although i think the people who did the makeup and hair for the twilight movies might have gotten their hands on his hair, it was pretty  bad. But it was just fun being with Russ, i love him, a lot, and always have fun with him. 

And of course my babies! I LOVE them so much and am so lucky and privileged to be their mama! 


Laura said...

Next time you take the rippers to the park, call me. It would be so fun to go together.

I didn't know you went shopping on your date as well as seeing a movie. What a fun night out. I want to see what you bought!

Lindsey said...

Cute Lace, I love the comment about the hair and make-up from twilight. gag me.

lauren ann said...

those are some cute kiddos. Glad you had a great mothers day