Easter Eggs

Yesterday all of my Sisters and their kids came over and we decorated Easter eggs and just hung out. It was really fun but you would have thought we were running a day care with all the kiddies, it was a little crazy at times, but super fun overall!

Kai and Naya reading

Cute little Connor!

Lani's second, Crew, isn't he so sweet!

Love this one of Halle with her tongue out!

Laina and Kai

My sweet Miller boy, love that kid. And yes,
that is another bump on his forehead. 
He got that one from tripping and
falling down the stairs outside. 

Oh and thank you to Lindsey who took the amazing photos. 


Lacey said...

So cute! I love the chick eggs. Miller's poor little head! It just shows he's having a good time! Little crew is darling too.

Laura said...

Charlotte has a bump to match Miller's.

The eggs are darling and the pictures are so fabulous. Lindsey has got skills.

It's always a little crazy getting all the cousins together in our family too but it's so worth it.

Lindsey said...

So much fun sister, I'm glad you guys planned that (and invited me). Your kiddies are too cute!!!