Team Firestorm

This Saturday i particapated in the first

Team Firestorm Ben Jacobsen Memorial Ride

We rode up Emigration Canyon. It was my first ride up the canyon and my first ride on my bike this year. It was an amazing experience for many reasons. Ben Jacobsen passed away about 6 months ago when he lost his battle with Melanoma. Because of him i went and got my funny mole checked and was able to catch my Melanoma early. I feel very indebted to him and his family, so this ride meant a lot to me. There were a lot of people who showed up to support his family and remember Ben. He was an amazing cyclist and that is how he and Russ got to be better friends.  

When i got to the top i was proud of myself, but also felt very grateful for Ben and his sacrifice. One of my friends from my neighborhood was at the top as well and said, "this was my first ride with Ben." It was mine as well and i could feel his encouraging spirit when it was getting hard.  

His wife Allison is one of the most amazing people i have ever met and she is as solid as a rock! Her example of perseverance and putting on a Happy face will be with me always.  I will be coming back every year to this event to celebrate Ben's life and example. It also happened to be his birthday. It was very touching and emotional when everyone began singing Happy Birthday right before the ride started. 
This is Russ, me and Allison Jacobsen after the ride! Thanks Allison!

I want to say thanks to Russ for making sure i was ok during the ride and encouraging me to make it to the top, love you babe and loved riding with you! (you better watch out come tri time, i am gonna kick your butt!) I also want to thank my dad for watching the kids so Russ and I could ride together.


Laura said...

LACEY!!!! I'm so proud of you. What a cool thing to be a part of. I'm sure his wife appreciates your support and friendship very much. Sounds like you rocked the ride too. You're simply amazing. Way to go girl!

{littlefam} said...

lacey - that's so awesome that your rode! what an awesome event for ben - we miss him! allison is amazing - i know that your support means the world to her!

The Speres said...

How great that you were able to participate in the ride for Ben! Their whole family is really so inspiring & encouraging for so many people. How nice that people could gather to support THEM! Way to go!

McCall B. said...

For some reason this reminds me of you making it up the hill on your bike in Hebgan when we were in Young Womens. That was a great trip!
You never cease to amaze me!

Lindsey said...

Good job sister, such an awesome story all around!

Lani said...

Wow way to put life into perspective! Thanks for your example, I love you sister and I am still always looking up to you!

Sarah M said...

lacey i am so impressed. solid work.

amanda james said...

you rock girl