baby blessing(s)

We blessed our two sweet babies yesterday. It was fabulous and made me realize my backyard is great for hosting outdoor parties, and should have been utilizing it better this summer. it was perfect weather, perfect company and Russ did a great job with the blessings. I remember him saying Pepper would be a calming influence, and be a person others would feel good going to for advice and comfort and to be trustworthy. Harvey will have an infectious light about him, positive personality, and be an influence for good to those around him.  
It was a great evening and thank you everyone for making it happen

We also decided to take family photos in front of my lovely grape vines.

this was the best we got. Miller's face kills me, lol everyones really, it's pretty priceless. 

isn't my sister gorgeous!

That is Russ'  face after i asked him if he was smiling. (look of death)


Lindsey said...

I just love your family's picture so much. Miller's face is perfect, as is everyone's really. Leina kills me with her shoulder action, Naya and Taye are seriously twins, and I'm so happy to see more pictures of Dru! So sad, I missed all the fun, we'll have to skype or facetime next time!

Lindsey said...

Oh, and.... Lani's family picture is the best by far...sorry. And it took me no less than three tries to get the word verification

Lani said...

Hey love it I am dying laughing at your families pictures it is too good! Do you guys have all of them or does Lisa have the rest of my families? Thanks again it was so much fun and the food was amazing!

The Speres said...

Those babies are to die for! Really, they are so beautiful. You all are!