we took a little weekend trip to Moab with some of our best friends. We had such a good time. We went into Arches national park, did some hiking and let the kids climb rocks and play in the dirt. We all rented a house and it was busting at the seems with adorable kids playing so well and having tons of fun. Halle was so sad when we had to go, even if she had to sleep in the bathtub. :) Here are some pics from the trip. 

 Here we are at Double Arch, a family favorite when i was growing up. You can see how happy my family was to be taking a picture, and how incredibly large i look. Eww!

Miller could have played in the dirt all day. He was in heaven. Wide open spaces, sunshine and dirt.

Eating lunch. :)

We brought all the kid's bikes and they were all in heaven riding outside our rented home, which was at the end of this circle that only one other car was there too.

Claire and Avery.


Again, Miller in the dirt. :)

So hot right now! every time i caught a glimpse of my shadow, i was shocked at how big i am.

I love this one of Halle eating Craisins and walking with her little personality shining bright. :)

i love this one of Halle as well, she hates having her picture taken but LOVES to take pictures herself.

That is Corey and the twins Avery and Breckon. Yes they have 2 year old twins. I love having so many friends who have had twins. It's just so reassuring that they are still alive and seem to be happy.

This picture kills me of Miller. What 2 year old makes that face. He cracks me up.

I wanted to hike to Delicate arch (3miles) , but after we took an hour and a half just to hike to Landscape arch(1.5miles) the day before, we decided to just do the 100yard delicate arch viewpoint "hike".

Halle took these shots. One of Russ, and one of her baby. I love it.

Amber and i found the twins and Miller playing in the shower. Good thing they didn't turn on the hot water. 2 year olds, gotta love em.

 All tuckered our from a long weekend. I am a bad mom and forgot sunscreen so we all got a little sunburn on our cheeks. it kind of feels good though to have some sun on my face, and know that i was able to go on a trip 27 weeks pregnant with twins.


Lindsey said...

Oh Lace, Halle's face in that first picture just made my day :) Too good. And I'm so jealous, it sounds so fun and perfect and brings back memories of childhood. Love the picture of Halle eating the Craisins and all the ones of Miller in dirt

aubry. said...


not sure i can keep reading your blog and pregnancy adventures without commenting. i heard you and my friend holly ran into each other at the doctors office - same doctors, same twins story, just ten weeks apart.

in some bizarre way, i'm celebrating and anxious right along side you!

Amber said...

So super fun! Thanks for the great weekend. You're a rockstar for doing all that hiking and chasing kiddos around. You neglected to mention that you carried Miller at least half the way on that hike...so tough...tough enough to survive twins and like it too!

Lani said...

Wow first of all a trip with kids is hard, second being pregnant and hiking even harder. You are amazing and "SO HOT RIGHT NOW!" I love it you make me laugh. As do Miller and Halle and their so fun personalities.

Allison said...

looks like such a fun trip. You are a rock star my dear. That last post made me laugh out loud because I googled pregnant bellies throughout my pregnancy and was always sooo scared. But it never got THAT bad. Things get so tight in there that their growth will slow down and so will your belly. You look awesome!