It's a christmas miracle!

Yes i know i haven't blogged since the end of september but oh well, i don't know if anyone even looks at this anymore. (I know you do linds ;))

Christmas is so much fun when you have young kids! its so magical and fun to see the excitement on your kids faces. here are some pics

I LOVE these two!

Christmas morning Miller woke up at 6, saw the presents and woke Halle up to show her, then they came running into our room! I knew all this had happened because i had been up getting Pepper a bottle at 5:45 and hadn't fallen back asleep, it was pretty cute!

heaven help me, i don't know where he learned to smile like that. Love him though!

the face, love it!

bed heads and daddy . . . and he says i'm animated. :)

loves her my little pony from Santa

hugging his Lightning McQueen blanket. 

Halle picked out the swords for miller, they were his favorite present. 

Halle's two favorite things in one, Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of Oz

I love my Harvey boy! 

Best big sister ever!

Peps didn't wake up until 9:15. Bless you child!

kind of think she's cute


Annie said...

I still read! Glad you guys had a great christmas! Love the bed head.


Amber said...

I'm readin' too!! So fun to see your sweet little family!

Lindsey said...

Oh Lace I miss those precious babes already! Thanks for hanging out so much over the break, it was so so wonderful to see you and the fam! Love you

Kevin, Lani, Connor and Crew said...

I love everyone's hair and yes Russ' animated as well. Connor was looking at these pictures with me and says he wants to play with Miller and his swords. YIKES! I am glad you had a great Christmas and that Pepper girl is amazing what a little blessing!

The Speres said...

Those are such great Christmas Morning pictures! I can't wait til Elliot "gets" Christmas. He was still a bit confused as to why we kept putting more gifts on his lap to open when he just wanted to play with the things he already got. So funny.