8 Months photos

Harvey was so cooperative. He sat where we put him, smiled and did so great. Pepper on the other hand was completely opposite. She was crying  the whole time and only at the end did she give us a glimpse of a smile. 

This boy has the prettiest skin, and has since he was born. i am sure she used photoshop but his skin is literally peaches and cream.

I still can't believe i got a blue eyed baby.  

Blessing outfit. I kind of love that kid. 

I love that they are in the exact same position. They are twins. 

This one doesn't really look like my Pepper. Her headband is pushing her ears down and that face is just hilarious.

Beautiful girl. 

Sometimes i call Pepper my "crazy baby" She can just get crazy on me. Love her though.

Ok seriously this picture is the best thing ever! It is just too good!

This picture is really sweet.

 I'm glad i have these two babies. They are the best and i am so lucky! 


Amber said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Pepper knows she's stunning, even without a grin. What pretty babies you have. Love them!

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

I'm dying over the picture of them being "twins"! I want to frame it and put it in my house. It's so beautiful. Your babies are amazingly gorgeous... and I promise to not be creepy and ACTUALLY put their picture in my house. :)

Lindsey said...

Oh Lace they are too perfect. I love them ALL! Harvey reminds me of the baby on The Incredibles with that little blonde curl (but he's obviously way cuter).

heidikins said...



Annie said...

I love these! where do you get Pepper's headbands? They are so cute!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Lacey these are so so great! Such sweet pictures!

Sarah M said...

your babies are spectacular! for serious!