30 Years Old!!!

Today Russ turned 30. You would never guess that was his age if you saw him in person, not that it is old, but he is just such a kid at heart and has such a young spirit about him, that he doesn't look his age.
On monday I threw a little surprise party for him, with the help of our good friend Ian it was pretty successful. The only thing that might have gone better was the accidental text message I sent to him instead of going to Mike the guys who's house we had it at. yes, I totally botched the surprise. I literally cried for 5 minutes, and then realized I couldn't do anything about it, but put a smile on my face and just let it go.
Russ was still impressed that we got so many people to come, I just told him it is only because you have so many friends and they would all do anything for you. It was so great because both of our families were there, old friends, new friends, it was so fun!
Here are some pics from the party.

the boys!

Lani, Kevin (some guy i don't know) RussThe Larkins

Russ's awesome family, I love you guys!
P.S. it was a crazy sweater theme, Stephen and Alex were the only two that got into it.


Robin said...

We're so sad we weren't there for the festivities :( Tell Russ happy birthday from us!! Dennison will join him soon in the "30 plus club"

Annie said...

Nice...my eyes are totally closed. Oh well. It was a great party. Happy Birthday Russ!! I am glad he found you Lacey!!!

The Walkers said...

Lacey you are the greatest wife. The party looked like it was a hit!

Jordan said...

Happy birthday Russ. It looks like it was awesome, even if it wasn't a suprise.

heidikins said...

Happy Birthday Russ!