We Are Marshall

So the other day Russ and I watched the movie "We Are Marshall." The movie is about the Marshall University football team that all died in a plane crash, only a few thousand feet away from their hometown airport runway. It was a good movie, sad but touching. It just made me think about something that I wanted to share.

I am sure that when the plane crashed, a lot of people asked why god could let that happen to all of those people. I am sure it made people question if there is a god. It made me think of how I do believe in god, and it is situations like this that make me know there is a god. I believe that the emotions we experience during the hard times in our lives are what make us closer to god. They make our personalities more colorful, deeper richer. If nothing bad ever happened then nothing good could happen either. Our growth would be so stunted. It is the sadness, heartache, failure, pain, suffering that we go through that make the joy, successes, love, and happiness in our lives even sweeter.

I hope this made sense, it was just something I have been thinking about since watching the movie.


The Walkers said...

Good thought and insight Lacey. It's easy to forget that when facing afflictions but you are totally right. Thanks for taking time to share your inspirational thoughts. I can not wait to see you over the holidays!

Miss Erika said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Also, when we experience heartache and pain, it makes us more willing to help each other out, when a freind is in a tough spot. Without it, we would all live in our own world, without need for interaction. Life truly wouldn't be worth living with out the hard stuff that we experience.

The Snows said...

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