I've Been Tagged

The rules . . . 1. you post 6 facts/habits about yourself 2. you tag 6 more people.

1. The only TV show I watch everyday (well when I am home to watch it) is TLC's "What Not To Wear" I love the host's Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, hilarious, and I absolutely love to see ugly people become beautiful and have more confidence in themselves just from buying new clothes and getting a makeover.

2. I have naturally curly hair and I love it.

3. It is really hard for me to go shopping without my husband, he is the best shopping buddy. He tells me honestly if he likes something or not. He has literally told me that the pants I was trying on made my butt look big. Oh yes, my husband is the best because I know when he really likes something, and that I should get it.

4. I am a "movie watcher overer" (yes and I also make up words). I have a select few movies that I can put in any time, any day, anywhere and love it every time. Examples, "Clue", "What's Up Doc", "The Mummy." I totally get it from my mom.

5. I hate green peppers, and Horseradish but I will pretty much eat anything else.

6. I am obsessed with my parent's cabin and think about going there all the time. (I haven't been since Halle was born, so I am totally going through withdrawals!)

I really feel funny about tagging people, so if you can't think of anything to blog, just say you've been tagged.

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Christine Cook said...

That is so cool that Russ likes to go shopping! Brad HATES it! And, I HATE shopping with him because he hates it! :) Plus, he gets mad anytime I buy something so I just shop on my own. Plus, I know this sounds mean, but Brad has no sense of style so I'm not sure I could trust his taste anyways. :) Don't tell him I said any of this! :) Ha ha ha ha