Russ has lots of loves in life, and a few passions, Baseball is one of those passions. The Deseret news did an article on the league he plays for and took a few pics. Sometimes it's hard to have him gone, but i know it makes him happier and less stressed when he gets to play. He is really good and i am so proud of him. Here is the link to the article and here are some pictures they took of my man.


The Speres said...

Lacey! My heart sunk when I read "melanoma" in your last post that I just read. I would never say that I know what is going on in your head and in your heart right now, but I certainly know what kind of anxiety your family is feeling. You are surely in our prayers and thoughts and I hope that your heart finds peace no matter what the results are. You are blessed with lots of support and I hope you know that I'm here if you ever need anything.
Tell that hubby that the baseball uniform is very becoming! :)

Laura said...

So cool Lacey! Those pictures of Russ are awesome. One of these days I need to come to a game with you!