Happy Birthday Lindsey!

My beautiful, talented, smart, (really smart) (i mean smart like I call her regularly to ask her questions and even if my question is vague she knows the answer) funny, creative and sweet baby sister Lindsey, had her birthday today. To celebrate she had the day off of work and invited us over to swim at her new apartments pool. It was so fun and Halle LOVED it! Here are some cute pics from the day. Taken by my lovely sis.

Aren't my babies so cute! i think so too! :) And could you die at how cute Miller looks in that hat! Oh and yes my Mom is a freak of nature, she just turned 64 and look how amazing she looks!


Laura said...

Your mom does look amazing! Wow, could I please look like her when I'm her age. I saw her out walking while I was running today, no wonder she looks so good!

Miller is such a cute boy Lacey! I love love love his little hat. Can Charlotte please date him when their older?

Happy birthday to your cute sister!

heidikins said...

Happy Birthday L! (Also, your mom looks 44, not 64.)


Eric and Megan said...

Yes your mom is super-human! And yes your kids are sooooo cute! Miller is getting so big and has the sweetest smile.

Lani said...

What a bunch of Cuties! I am so very jealous of your darling Miller and how freaking cute and smiley he is! I wish I could have been there it looks like it was a lot of fun! We will have to do it again. Mom is pretty amazing but it helps when you are gorgeous to start with but she doesn't age so yeah I hope I get that gene!

Lindsey said...

Thanks Lace! I think you are confusing smart with a good memory, but I'll take it. It was so fun to swim with you and the kiddies!! Love you!!!