Valentines Day and other Random Photos

For Valentines we went to my sister Lisa's and decorated cookies and played games, it was great!
Pudding Faces!!! We made chocolate pudding and the kids loved it, obviously! I wasn't loving the mess however.

Random pictures of my Miller! Pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Disney on Ice! Halle was a little hesitant to go to Disney on Ice, she didn't have any idea how AWESOME  it was going to be. When we left she was so worried about where Donald Duck was going to do? Where he would sleep and where Pluto would stay. It was so fun to see the excitement on her face. She was especially excited about her Swedish fish as you can see in the pictures.

Playing at the park. Since it has been warmer Halle has been begging me to go to the park. It is funny how when Halle was Miller's age i was up on the payground making sure her hand was held the entire time so she wouldn't fall. But with Miller, i just let him play.



Lacey said...

Oh my gosh that pic of miller with the backpack is to die for. Your kids are darling!

Lindsey said...

I'm sorry but Halle is totally you with her manorisms and facial expressions! So cute, I love em'!

Laura said...

Ahh Lacey your kids are so cute. I think I would be the most excited about the swedish fish too, you know I'm a sucker for those swedish fish. We actually just tried giving Charlotte chocolate pudding last week and she didn't like it. What? Who is this child? Who doesn't like chocolate pudding. Maybe if I show her that Miller likes it, she will like it too. PS You look totally beautiful in the picture with you and Halle. Such a hottie.

McCall B. said...

Hey, that's the Kindergarten play ground! Love it!

Lani said...

um let me just say that both of your kids are darling but oh my gosh I just want to eat Miller up! I love all the pictures and I wish I was there for the valentines day party that looked like a lot of fun!