Last year we went to Moab and i was 7 months pregnant (see here)and we hiked to a bunch of arches. I was pretty large, i had 2 babies in me. 
Anyway this year we decided to do Moab Jeep style. It was tons of fun, very bouncy but we had fun. Thanks Larkins for a good time, we missed you Larrabees!

 Halle wanted to wear my sunglasses at all times, even when the sun was down. She is so posh.

 Ice Cream Cones after a bath. 

kind of love that cheeser boy! 

 Awesome view!


 Miller and Claire

 We got lots of sand in our shoes.

 above: halle this year, below: halle last year, in the same shirt. she's getting so big!

 seriously so pretty!

 Miller, i love him!

our jeep could have been a tad brighter . . .  yikes!


chelsea b james said...

you guys live the life. oh and i can't believe you went hiking when you were 7 months pregnant

Amber said...

Sad we couldn't go this year, but so glad you had a fun time!! Looks like a blast!