"Murder at the Deadwood Saloon"

I have always want to do a Murder Mystery, and I finally did it. It was so fun, and awesome to see my family getting into their parts, lying, deceiving, all of that good stuff.
Here is a list of the Characters:
Lacey: Black Barbara; Outlaw
Russ: Jesse Wales; Outlaw
Steve: Harry High-Stakes; Owner of the Deadwood Saloon
Dale: Montgomery Money; Wealthy businessman from the East
Alisa: Minnie Money; Debutante and Montgomery's daughter
Lani: Banker Bonnie; Owner of the Deadwood Bank
Kevin: Clay Coldwell; Gambler
Lindsey: Holly Hickok; Gambler and southern belle
Brody: Mitch Maverick; Gambler

Russ won for best actor, he was really intimidating and scary with that mustache!
Kevin won for best dressed, he really did look awesome! (everyone looked great though!)
Brody won the Mr. Money Bags award (you dirty lawman!)
About half the people figured out who the murderer was.

It was so fun and I can't wait to do another one. I put together a little slide show of all the pictures. Thanks family for such a fun night!


Lindsey said...

Oh Lace I love it! the music really adds to the whole ambiance. Very well done, and thanks for putting the whole thing together it was a blast!

Burnhams said...

haha. Wow, you guys look great! I'm glad you finally got to do one of these. Fun Fun.

LittleFam said...

we missed you at the party but i'm so glad that you had a fun night - i've always wanted to go to a murder-mystery party!

Laura said...

Your pictures are fantastic. This is a good enough reason to miss the Halloween party, we missed you. SO great to have lunch with you today. We need to hang out more.

Lilianne and Jason Wright said...

Happy Birthday, Lace! Hope you have a great day!!

Eric & Hayley said...

Awesome Lacey. What a great idea. You'll have to teach me how the whole thing works. I think it'd be way fun to do that with my in-laws:)