What a weekend!

This weekend has been jam packed! On Friday we had an adult only Halloween party at one of Russ's co-workers house. Russ got second place for best costume! He is a little boy dressing up like a super hero. I wanted him to wear tighty-wighty's only, but he said that was immodest??? I was supposed to be Little Orphan Annie, but everyone thought I was I love Lucy. Oh well I do look like I love Lucy.
the co workers wives: me (annie), Tenille (fairy), Kristy (wendy)
The Co-workers: Kevin (tourist), Chris (Nacho Libre), Russ (little boy), Grady (The Burger King)

Saturday morning we went with Russ's family up to Snowbirds Customer Appreciation day. We got to ride up the Tram for free if we brought a can of food. It was so beautiful!

Halle loved that apple!!! i think she ate the stem, but I couldn't get it away from her to check.
Saturday night we had a party with some of Russ's friends he grew up with. This is why I was Annie, Halle had the cutest dog costume (thanks annika!) so I tried to think about what we could all be with a dog? and i thought of Annie, Sandy, and Daddy Warbucks. I got everything for Russ to be Daddy Warbucks, but he didn't like the bald wig so he did something else. oh well

My cute baby girl!


Laura said...

I totally knew you were Annie from the first picture! Your parties look like a blast. Halle looks very cute in the dog outfit. I love the Annie and Sandy combo, so clever. I'm slightly disappointed Russ wasn't Daddy Warbucks, that would have been awesome. However his costume was still pretty clever.

LittleFam said...

i love how clever all of your costumes are! halle is soooo cute in that dog costume!

Becky said...

I love it! I guess I am partial to anyone who does Annie. Happy Haunting!

The Flint's said...

I love the Halloween pics!! They are so cute!! What a fun time!! Russ totally needs to dress up like Daddy Warbucks! It would be a classic!! Loved seeing you on Monday!!

The Snows said...

Thank you so much for coming over and helping out. You guys are awesome! by the way, I love the costumes and I totally knew you were Annie. Great Idea!

kate moss said...

Wow I can't believe how big Halle is getting. Time goes by so fast. Your outfits rock. Our neighborhood rented out a room for a 80's prom. So I will have to post pictures for sure. Don't you love Halloween.