Nose woes

In my lifetime, I have been hit many times in the nose. the other day I once again got hit in the nose. And when I say I get hit, I mean I really hurt my nose. so here they are listed all the times my nose has been under fire.

1. In first grade we would "race" on the parallel bars that came out of the ground (do any of you remember that?) Tara and I would usually do it, we were pretty competitive girls. Anyway one of the times I kicked my legs over instead of landing on the ground my legs swung under the bar, followed by the rest of my body and my face came around and hit the other bar. Yeah it hurt really bad, first time to go to the nurses office.

2. I was at McCall Bateman's house with my sister Lani (pretty much my second home growing up). Lani had one of those huge Swiss Army pocket knife in a pillowcase. I asked her if I could see it so she swung it over to me and BAM! right in the nose.

3. Christmas eve, our family always drove around the neighborhood to look at luminaries. I just ran in the car without shoes, so when we got back I was hurrying in because my feet were freezing, ran up the backstairs and wham my face hit our glass sliding door. My sister was standing in front of the handle part so it was open on the left of her and I ran up the stairs on the right and didn't know the door was there. I fell right back down the stairs. OUCH!!!

4. Sports - i don't know how many times I got kneed, elbowed, uppercut right to my nose.

5. Russ and I had just got married and moved into our little old house. We were painting our bedroom and had the door off for a few weeks. We finally got it finished and put the door back on. So in the middle of the night I confidently got up and walked to the bathroom and totally smashed my entire face into the door. After that one my nose hasn't been the same and is really sensitive.

6. Yesterday, I was putting a bunch of books back on Halle's shelf and that pig clock was on the very top shelf and fell down and smacked my nose right on the bridge. It hurt really bad and it didn't help that it was Halle's nap time and she was crying and being difficult.
Later that night I was teasing Russ in bed and somehow connected with his elbow right in the same spot the pig clock hit.

So there you go, my nose woes. Sorry if you can't understand some of my stories I tried to shorten them the best I could. I'm thinking I should go see an ear nose and throat specialist my nose is getting more and more crooked.


heidikins said...

Gaaah! You're poor nose!!


McCall B. said...

Little wubs- you poor thing. I remember that pocket knife incident clearly! Maybe you should start wearing a nose guard at all times just in case. Love ya!

Laura said...

I had no idea you had so many problems with your nose. I like McCall's idea of wearing a nose guard all the time. You would look hot.

callie & steve said...

haha! THAT was entertaining to read. poor nose. i swear getting an injury to the nose is more painful than any other injury...sorry you've have to bear the pain so many times!

i can't believe how big she's getting! and her two chompers...cute!