I'm sad their over but I loved every minute of them!

The Olympics are amazing! I can't get enough of them. It is such an inspiration to watch these people who have dedicated their lives to a sport and compete in the biggest competition in the world. I don't know if it is because I love sports or if it is because I love competition, but i love the Olympics. In a way I like to live through the athletes. I feel the joy of their triumphs, I feel the sting of defeat, I cry, I smile, I hold my breath with them . . . it's awesome.
Anyway here are some of my favorite moments from the games.
Gymnastics. Our girls and boys were awesome!

The incredible, unbelievable swim by Jason Lezak
(if any of you swim you know how freakishly,
imposible that was for him to come back from behind
and win on such a short swim!)

And of course my girl Logan Tom. The womens volleyball team
was amazing, they won the silver medal, so cool!
It is crazy to think that I was slapping Logan's leg
during high school volleyball games,
to leave a big hand print on her leg (and visa-versa)
and now she has an Olympic medal. Awesome.


The Flint's said...

I totally agree!! The Olympics have RULED our lives the last 2 weeks. So much fun!! I love your highlights, definitely ranking up there!!

heidikins said...

Thank you for the Lezak shout-out!! He is AMAZING and every news program was too Phelpsing to even notice. Besides, Lezak doesn't look like an orangatan with jaw problems. Lezak is HOTT! Ahem. (End Olympic Rant)


Laura said...

We were so addicted to the Olympics while they were on. I am also so sad it's over.

Annie said...

I am sad too that the olympics are over. We didn't get to watch too much of them, but we caught all the really close swim matches that were amazing. Love Ya Lacey!

Lilianne and Jason Wright said...

I agree with everything you said! I'm going to be in town for about three weeks, so we definitely need to get together!! I saw Katharine Orchard the other day and we thought it'd be so much fun to get all together - Kath, Emily, you, Katie (and her new baby!) and me...lunch or something? It sounded like a blast to me. So let's do it. Can't wait to see you!!

Teresa said...

Logan Tom is awesome! I have fond memories of getting hit by her as well:) I agree, the olympics were fantastic, loved every minute.

Sylvia said...

The Olympics were great, but the pictures of Halle are awesome! Where did you get them done? -Sylvia (Robin's Friend, from the softball game last year)


Kari and Ryan said...

I'm sad the Olympics are over! What will I do with my time now? I guess I'll be getting more sleep now!