Smile, Black Eye, 24 of July

We had to get some pictures of Halle smiling with her cute teeth.

You can't really see her black eye in this picture.
I tried to adjust it so you can tell, anyway, it is under her right eye.
My niece Aspen's birthday is on the 24th of July,
so we always go down to Russ's sister Jen's house
to celebrate that and Pioneer day. We had yummy burgers
and delicious homemade ice-cream (so good!!!)
Aspen is the one with the pink shirt and jean knee length shorts.

Halle is so patriotic!
Halle was acting a little sad that day,
so Annie tried to make her feel better by putting a crown on her
and giving her some baby dolls.
She LOVES baby dolls and she LOVES her aunt Annie!


Teresa said...

So... how did she get her black eye?? And yes her little teeth are so cute!

Annie said...

Aunt Annie loves her Halle-Bear too!!

Jordan said...

Oh she has the most gorgeous eyes ever. She is so adorable. It makes me want one so so bad. But I worry mine won't be as cute as everyone else's... Ha

Jordan said...
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mandy said...

I found your page on Christine's. Halle is too cute. She is so photogenic. I loved those pictures of her little photoshoot at 6 mo old. Those picture are just so stinkin cute.