Lindsey got married 8-7-08

So Lindsey is now Lindsey Miles. They got married on a beautiful HOT august day. It was a lot of fun and I am so happy for them. Here are the pictures from the temple. I didn't take any pics at her reception, but I will get them soon.
The happy couple.

My pretty baby girl.

Halle and her Daddy

All of Halle's cousins on my side.

As you can see we are wearing the same skirt, crazy right?
Not only is it crazy that we are wearing the same skirt,
but it is even more crazy because her name is Lacey too!
She is Brody's half sister, we had to get a picture.


Laura said...

Lindsey looks gorgeous! Oh my gosh. I love her hair, her dress. She looks amazing!
I love your skirt, I almost bought it, but they didn't have my size. Bummer.

Burnhams said...

oh, and Halle looks so cute in her little pink dress!

Lacey said...

Lacey's are amazing if I must say so myself. I'd buy that skirt too. Congrats to your sister!

Kari and Ryan said...

I love that skirt! You always look so beautiful!